Popular Types Of Stone Tiles

Popular Types Of Stone Tiles

The tiles can be said as the building block for the aesthetic look of your home. The various application of tiles make them versatile and they can help to differentiate the theme of every room But primarily the tiles are used on the floor and mainly in the bathroom. The variety in tiles is huge and you can the choice of hundreds of colors. Here we will discuss some of the popular types of stones tiles


Granite is created due to high heat and pressure, it is also called as an ingenious rock. That means it is made from volcanic lava and magma, which converted into granite over time. It is mostly in white, gray or pink color, it has distinctive dark speckles. This attractive appearance along with durable characteristics makes granite as the first choice for floor tiling. Even granite can resist scratches and the surface shine lasts for longer. Granite tiles need less maintenance and less periodic polishing. Due to high endurance, they can bear more weight. In case of the bathroom, they can bear the weight of heavy bathroom furnishing and they absorb moisture, so that also makes them ideal for cheap tiles Penrith

Travertine Stone

Travertine stone is formed from limestone underlying the hot springs. Due to this particular environment, this stone contains air pockets and pits on its surface. The appearance of travertine stone more natural, rusty and unique, helps to create a traditional look of the floor.


Limestone is abundantly available in nature. It is formed by the fusion of calcium, mineral particles which are hardened with time. The limestones took millions of years to be shape and appearance, which we are using today. The common colors available in limestone are off-white, white, beige and gray. The limestone likely to get stained easily, so it should be avoided in the kitchen but that makes them ideal for the bathroom.


This is a type of sedimentary rock and as name states, it is made of clay, sand and other organic materials that remain under high pressure. This composition of sandstones gives them earthly texture and shades. These made them ideal for outdoor where you want to connect it with the natural environment. But they need a protective layer as sand can wear it down.

These are some popular types of stone tiles. But there are numerous other which can be selected as per the preference of the person. But consideration must be given before selecting any type of tile because it’s a long term investment. So you must be selecting the right stone tiles which can serve your need and pleasing for your eyes. So knowing the characteristics of stones tiles is important to make the final decision. One must foresee the future use and traffic the tiles have to bear before opting for a particular stone tile.

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