Crowne Plaza, A Delightful Five-star Destination For Trip To Singapore

Crowne Plaza, A Delightful Five-star Destination For Trip To Singapore

The crowne plaza is located at Changi airport, and the airport has been awarded as the best airport hotel in the world for four consecutive years. The hotel offers various amenities which makes it hard to leave the hotel. With great spa facilities, a club lounge and a swimming pool, the hotel gives the best experience to the customers. The hotel is located at the Terminal 3 of the Changi airport and all terminals of the airport are accessible from the hotel, making it easy to tour the airport. The check-in process is done quickly with no delay, and you can take a quick elevator to get to your booked room.

The Rooms and Décor

The rooms are relatively big, considering that it is an airport hotel. The 1970’s Palm Springs inspires the décor of the rooms. The rooms have elevated spaces to open up your luggage and unpack your stuff. Wi-Fi is high-speed, and several USB spots and power ports are available for your convenience. The pressure of the water in the showers is fast, and after a tiring flight, you can relax by taking a shower. You will also have the opportunity to get welcome gifts that are mostly chocolates which your kids will surely love. The rooms in Crowne plaza Manchester usually are above average size, starting at 36 square meters. The view of the rooms is, however, very appealing and eye-catching. Space is wide enough to accommodate all your belongings, especially the heavy suitcases. The prices of the rooms are very affordable, and people who are traveling for business or other purposes can stay up to 8 hours. You will be provided with a good Wi-Fi speed, and you can enjoy browsing the internet for recreation or work-related things.

Other Amenities at the Crowne Plaza

The bathrooms and the overall hotel are clean and spotless. The city of Singapore is only 25-30 minutes away from the airport, and you can have the most convenient and enjoyable arrival and departure facilities. The pool, exotic palm trees with Changi’s iconic tower in the background, will take your heart away. The hotel offers a great variety of beverages while the gym is of a very high quality. There are next-generation treadmills and convenient floor space for work out sessions. So, if you are a fitness freak working out is not an issue at the hotel. You will witness a fantastic spa, a lobby bar as well as conference rooms for business meetings. Not to forget the variety in cuisines is mind-blowing. You can try out many tasty and mouth-watering dishes. You will enjoy it no matter how many hours you stay.

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