Things To Know About Fire Suppression Systems

Things To Know About Fire Suppression Systems

The fire is one of the causes of damages to property and lives. As soon as the fire gets out of hand, it is really difficult and takes too many resources to control it. The job of firefighters is tough, but they always risk their lives to control fire. The fire detection system works well to detect fire at early stages and notify fire departments. But sometimes, the fire accident happens to the area where the firefighting department takes time to reach. There are many places like factories and warehouse, which store different types of items. These items can be flammable, so once the fire started due to the availability of combustible items, the fire can grow fast and strong. 

Even if the fire detection system, detect the fire and timely notify the fire department but maybe till the time they reach the site, the fire may have destroyed the whole place. So, to overcome this risk, fire compression system has been designed. The first choice which comes in mind for fire compression system is by water. Yes, water fire compression is in popular use, but there can be areas where the water can’t be used to extinguish the fire and, in many scenarios, wires cannot be the ideal source to extinguish the fire. That raises the need for other types of fire compression system which can help to overcome this shortcoming. Now gaseous fire compression is also in popular use. There are mainly three types of gaseous fire compression system depending upon their utility and location where they will be installed. Check this link to find out more details.

  • Chemical clean agent: This is the mix of different chemical and works rapidly to suppress the fire. The chemical clean agent doesn’t damage the physical assets like computers, server or other electronic equipment. While water fire suppression system will ruin all the electronic equipment while killing the fire. These chemicals are also not harmful to people, so it can be installed in areas where people are working on equipment like the factory’s production floor
  • Inert Gases: Combination of nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide can form the mixture which can help to reduce the oxygen levels. The reduce oxygen means the fire will not have fuel to burn. This can exhaust fire in lesser time without harming people and equipment
  • Carbon dioxide System: Carbon dioxide is the natural killer of fire. The fire needed oxygen to burn. When this system will suppress the fire with the heavy flow of carbon dioxide, the oxygen in the surrounding will be exhausted and that will kill the fire instantly. But carbon dioxide is harmful to human and too much quantity of it can cause unconsciousness or death in human. This system will be applied where human intervention is nearly zero. As in case if there will be any people, they won’t be harmed by fire but due to response ingredient of gaseous fire suppression system i.e. Carbon dioxide

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