Strata Properties

Strata Properties

Strata properties are a form of communal apartment blocks which have shared communal areas. These properties are often used by hundreds of people and need to be maintained to a high standard to ensure that customers remain satisfied. If customers become unsatisfied, then they may vacate the properties causing a financial loss for the owners of the property. Effective management of the properties is one of the main contributing factors to ensure customer satisfaction as it directly effects the standard of living for the people living in that property.

Maintenance of Properties

We understand that property maintenance can be a daunting task, one which requires a lot of formalities and one which can be easily mismanaged if the task is handed to someone who does not have the required experience or the resources. At Clean Green Strata, we have both; with over 25 years of experience in managing properties all over Sydney, we have acquired a reputation of flawless services from our customers. We have consistently received stellar reviews from our customers which vouch for our standard of service. We also ensure that all our employees are trained professionally to a high standard which ultimately means that the service which you will be receiving would be of a high quality.

Our company offers a range of property management services ranging from cleaning properties, to good garden maintenance. This means that all aspects of the property will be handled by us leaving no room for mistakes or misunderstandings. This also ensures that there is communication between all aspects of property management leading to a more efficient system. This means that there are less delays and less paper work involved as well!

We also ensure that the property is kept in pristine condition, by not only deep cleaning it, but also addressing minor repairs as well. We source our own tradesmen to carry out the repairs as and when needed while you can have the peace of mind that the people, we task to carry out the repairs are sufficiently qualified and have the necessary tools and training to do the job that they are asked to do. All of this leads to repairs being done efficiently and to a high standard.

The underlying goal of all of our services is to increase the value of the property while ensuring that you have to do the least amount of work as possible. Essentially, we take away all the worrying associated with maintaining a property to a high standard so you can spend time on other things such as progressing your career or looking after the company better.

All in all, if you need quality strata property management services in Sydney which you can rely on to do a great job while having peace of mind and transparency, then Clean Green Strata should be your first and final choice. With our quality of service, you can be assured that you will not be disappointed!

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